Steve’s personal astronomical equipment: telescopes, software, and computer equipment.


A lot of additions were obtained from Scopestuff. Cannon DSLR prime focus.

The main telescope is a newer Meade LXD75 sn-10 10″ Schmidt-Newtonian on a SkyWatcher EQ6-r equatorial mount. I have upgraded the stock focuser to a Crayford motorized focuser that is controlled with a remote. The price of the focuser was about $380. The addition of a Telrad finder has been very helpful in finding objects within a light polluted sky. A heated anti-dew strip is used as this scope can fog up quickly on both the outside and inside of the corrector lens. The CCD is a Meade DSI II color camera (USB interface) with Autostar suite, and it is being used as an auto-guider. A focal reducer is used often to aid in location and for wide-field views, as the DSI magnifies the image significantly. The main camera is a Cannon T3 Rebel: I will be moving to a ZWO CCD soon.

Meade LXD 75 SN-10 AT (UHTC) 10″ f/4 OEM Specifications

Optical Design:——————————————Schmidt-Newtonian
Clear aperture: ——————————————10″ (254 mm)
Focal length: ——————————————–1016 mm
Focal ratio (photographic speed):——————-f/4
Resolving power:—————————————0.45 arc seconds

Orion Imaging Flip Mirror

Orion Imaging Flip Mirror with Meade DSI II

Software: Meade AutoStar Suite with Envisage (CCD camera control), APT & Backyard EOS for DSLR control, and focus controller is operated by nFocus and Rigelsys.

The secondary telescope is a 1980’s Meade 6600 Newtonian reflector. Equatorial mount with no drive, it is used for quick observing and is also a loaner telescope for anyone at a star party to use. It does indeed have a lot of mileage – but it still works perfectly. It was purchased in 1987 at a Ritz Camera shop at the local Mall. The tripod needs replaced, as it is the legacy wooden one and is becoming unstable. I sometimes do use it on the old Meade LXD75 mount.

Meade LXD75-sn10 Steve Johns

Meade LXD75-sn10 Steve Johns

All images are captured on a HP Elitebook 9480 laptop. Cannon image Pro running IRIS, Corel Paintshop Pro X6 Ultimate.

Wish list: Baader MPCC Mark III Multi-Purpose Coma Corrector



The new setup is coming along well. I have transferred the Meade LXD75 SN-10 OTA to the newer Skywatcher mount. Software includes C2A for driving the mount, and testing with PHD autoguide continues; and I have yet to get PHD to play nice with all of the COMM ports and ASCOM configuration involved.


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