The area around the north Celestial pole seems quite barren to the unaided eye; yet scattered throughout this area are numerous galaxies, variable stars, star clusters and other fascinating entities of varying types. Browsing through my sky charts, I wondered about the possibility of observing and photographing this area above 60Deg North latitude. In the area where I reside, the sky is quite bright due to light pollution because of the city lights in that area. There are also a lot of trees around that force me to observe mainly within the area of the zenith, with a clearing towards the North.


Extreme North…

I will attempt to get some images of the targets in this area with my f/4 telescope and DSLR at a low ISO setting and a large amount of short exposures that I can stack in Corel PaintShop Pro X6. For those faint targets, I will travel to my secondary site in Wellington, Ohio where there is no light pollution and clear views horizon to horizon. I will not travel there much until the Spring, as I could get mired in mud and snow during the Winter months.

First, I am starting in the area of Cepheus: the lower part of which resides within the rich star-clustered area of the Milky Way. I have a page that presents the record of observations of this constellation (See Cepheus 2013 Study under Research Projects). This study will take some time, as the project was started in late October of 2013 during the Fall season, when the skies here are rolling with thick clouds. Observing is sporadic during brief clearings. Soon after the Cepheus study, I am aiming West to the area North of Cassiopeia. I am following the orbit and rotations of our Earth through the Seasons. The final area will be the area of Draco. For each constellation study, a web page will be created to document observing. All studies are to be published under the Research Projects tab.


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