My main rig

Just showing off my rig. LXD75-sn10 with Crayford motorized focuser, using the Meade DSi imager as a guide scope (with Orion flip mirror), prime focus w/ Cannon T3 Rebel, ASCOM focuser, dew strip on the lens, all attached to my laptop which is remote accessed from my warm home office via RealVNC.


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2 comments on “My main rig

  1. Hi, I’m Javier from Spain. I have a LXD75 6″ Newton telescope and I have seen on your “Main rig” photo that you use a DSI + flip mirror + a mod Meade’s finderscope as a guider system, isn’t it?. I’d like use your guider system, because I have too a DSI imager and a Meade’s finderscope 8×50. Could you tell me more about it, dimensions, modifications, neccesary threads adaptators, etc.?, what software do you use to guide and astrophotography?.
    I hope that you can help me
    Thank you very much in advance.

    Greetings from Spain!

    • Sorry I have not replied: I have been busy with other projects in my life for the last two years. I am getting into astronomy again this year. Yes, I use the flip mirror so I can use my finder scope also as a autoguider. It is a simple set up with no modifications. The software I use on this for autoguiding is the Meade AutoStar suite. I use APT and Backyard EOS for imaging on the DSLR.

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